Saturday Summary-September 29, 2018

Some students at Escondido High School in California spelled out the word nigger with their T Shirts in a photo, shared it on social media, and everyone went wild.  A niggerball game almost got cancelled.  This is what passes for news in Murka these days.  One of the kids in the photos has very brown arms so maybe they were calling THEMSELVES niggers.  I really don’t know.


Scott Rhodes of Road to Power is telling the truth in Sandpoint Idaho.  You might remember he’s the guy that did the robocalls regarding Andrew Gillum where the calls were narrated by someone pretending to be Gillum, using an exaggerated minstrel dialect with jungle noises in the background.  Hehe.  Hardcore racist.  He’s already been outed.  He doesn’t care.  He made a youtube video (taken down now) where he burned hundreds of the anti-White local paper the Sandpoint Reader.  I’m sure he’s pissed about all the Californians and other assholes moving to Sandpoint and trying to ruin it, now that California’s barely habitable.  He’s doing a lot of good stuff.  Learn more here.  


The Nordic Resistance Movement attached a “racist” sign to a building in Stockholm.

Some patriotic Germans with the NDP (National Democratic Party)  held their eighth annual Eichsfeld Day.  These are our guys.

They had children’s games and folk singing as well as “Stop the asylum flood” brochures “Asylum traitors not welcome”  T-shirts and so on.  Good stuff.






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