Cancer Part 2


Mexican Prickly Poppy-Cancer Fighter

This is part 2 of my Cancer Treatments series.  Part one is here.

Now Hoxsey was a jew (although the untrained eye wouldn’t pick up on it from looking at him) so I highly doubt he discovered a cancer cure on his own.  The primary effective ingredient was/is sanguinarine which is extracted from the Mexican prickly poppy.  Some say the “indians”, dot not feather were using it.  Hard to tell.

Anyway, Hoxsey proved to the head of the AMA, Morris Fishbein (jew) that the cure worked by curing Chicago policeman, Sgt. Thomas Manix.  Fishbein offered to buy the formula but Hoxsey was rightly suspicious of Fishbein’s motives so he refused.

This started a many decades war on Hoxsey.  He was arrested 125 times in a 16 month period and each time the charges were dropped.  Still, Hoxsey won a lawsuit against Fishbein when 50 patients came and testified that Hosxey had cured their cancer.  Fishbein the scumbag resigned and hopefully slithered back under the rock he had crawled out from under.

Information about the lawsuit can be found in the Fitzgerald Report which Senator Charles Tobey Sr. (father of the younger Charles Tobey who was cured of Cancer) initiated.  This report was presented to the senate in 1953.  The senate not only ignored the report but they also repressed the information and tried to keep people from using the Hoxsey cancer treatment.  They did this mostly by putting posters in post offices warning the public against it!  In 1960 the FDA raided Hoxsey’s 17 clinits and closed them down.

The public was unaware of most of this until 2007 when Stan Monnteith accidentally found the Fitzgerald report through the Freedom of Information Act.

If you’re interested in trying the Hoxsey treatment for your cancer, the place to find it is in Mexico.  Weird huh?  Anything goes in Mexico.  I don’t think it could hurt to try it.

The most important thing we can do is try to prevent ourselves from getting cancer in the first place.  You all know what to do and not to do.  No smoking and try to stay away from processed foods.  Eat your foods in their most natural state.  Organic food has to be better because it’s not sprayed with pesticide.  It doesn’t taste better.  That’s not the point of it.  I also try to use less toxic cleaning products.  I’m going to experiment with baking soda for doing laundry, for instance.  We’re overly dependent on cleaning products anyway.  Elbow grease and hot water go a long way.  Boiling hot water in fact, kills a lot of bacteria, viruses etc.  It can even kill weeds.  Many of our ancestors boiled their laundry.  It’s a great way to eliminate all sorts of undesirable bugs, microscopic and otherwise.  Why don’t we boil our clothes anymore?

Keep in mind, it’s not beneficial to remove all bacteria from our environment.  Go easy on the cleaning products and soap (within reason).  Obviously, wash your hands well after using the toilet.  We’re not Mexicans after all! (but seriously, feces in food is bad).

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