Tactics Tuesday-Another Rally in Germany


As most of you know, in German you can be jailed for “incitement to hatred”.  This might include questioning any aspect of the 6 gorillion narrative or for insulting someone (unless they’re White.  That’s okay).

There’s been a lot more activity from our side recently though.  Some of this has been instigated by the fact that about a week ago, a German court released an Iraqi invader who it appears stabbed a Cuban-German man to death.

So the small band of guys and gals who are politically active in Dortmund-Dorstfeld Germany earns my respect for disrupting a Party for Respect Tolerance and Understanding then having their own rally a few days later.  Google translation from the video below.

These folks know they risk arrest and rejection from society for hitting the streets.  I’m not sure if it does a lot of good.  I hope it gets Germans thinking.  The best kind of rally is were you have the numbers (of people) to not only frighten the enemy into doing what you want and/or causing normies to realize you are the new power-then they will do as you ask them (it’s for their own good).

On 15.09.2018, a family party for respect, tolerance and understanding took place in Dortmund-Dorstfeld, on Wilhelmplatz. At about 7.30pm, some right-wing extremists tried to disrupt the event. Nine extremists were detained and the police filed five lawsuits. In contrast, the Dortmund neo-Nazis demonstrate on 21.09.2018 in Dortmund Dorstfeld and Marten. During the meetings occasionally pyrotechnics were detonated.
The persons were identified by the police and criminal proceedings were initiated. Extensive evidence has been provided, informs the police Dortmund in their press release.





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