Money Monday-Maturity

I wrote three weeks ago about how my attitude toward money has changed.  I no longer think of money as evil.  It even “sounds” funny as I typed it just now.  Money is a tool and by far the most prevalent tool used in getting our basic needs (and beyond) met.  You can’t bring some old clothes or a promise to perform some service to the grocery store and barter them for food.  You’ve gotta have cash.

If you don’t like money or if it makes you uncomfortable to have money, when you get extra, you might squander it away, anyway you can.  Since I’m not very materialistic and I’m from a Christian background, my M.O. was to give my extra money (and I was under earning to begin with) to poor people, then scramble when my car broke down and I didn’t have funds readily available to fix it!  Oh the shame!  Some people buy too many clothes or gadgets.  Many of them collect dust.  What a waste.

We don’t necessarily need lots of excess money hanging around in order to be happy but life happens.  Cars break down, household appliances need to be replaced and accidents happen where you can’t work for a while and have to depend on saved money to take care of yourself and your family.  It’s either that or throw yourself on the mercy of your relatives.  That’s no fun, even if you have the nicest relatives.

If you have all those bases covered, plenty of money put away for emergencies, money for retirement or for if  you become too sick or  tired to work anymore then there are many other things you can do with your excess, to avoid frittering it away.

Start with you family.  Are there elderly parents, aunts, uncles, that are living in poverty that could use a hand with basic living expenses?  Yes, some of your family may be  libtards but honestly, I see them like children who have been led astray.  They are living with some of the consequences of their foolishness now (especially if they’re poor) and it would give me no pleasure to know my old folks were eating catfood and going without heat in the winter just because they’ve made mistakes.

Are there young people in your family who could use a leg up?  So many of our 20 and 30 something people are struggling with low paying service jobs and stifling student debt.  What if you could help them pay off their debt or provide some other help so they could see their way clear to have a family?  What if you could help them start a business?  You get the idea.

If your family is good to go, your needs (current and future) are provided for and you still have money to burn, you could buy houses and rent them out at below market to White Nationalist families (perhaps in the same neighborhood).  Too lofty?  Ok, maybe you could pay for a WN child to go to a good private school.  Or you could donate to a good political candidate.  The sky’s the limit.  There’s so much good that can be done with money.

So don’t by a dummkopf  like I was and let your extra money melt away.

Many of the White Nationalists I know are prone to depression because we know too much.  Action is the cure for depression.  Make concrete goals (write them down!) of things you’d like to accomplish with extra money and then work toward them.  It’s amazing how taking action and accomplishing things will give you a new zest for life and it is inestimable what the ripple effect will be on White survival in general.

Thanks for reading!  Although I don’t have tons of readers, blogging every day has put a skip in my step in the morning and I appreciate each and every person that reads and comments.  If you have found some value in this blog, please share with a friend.



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