Scrappy Sunday-Self Employment Part 2-Autonomy


This is a followup to Self Employment Part 1 from three weeks ago.  My, this month is going by fast.

I promised I would write about what self-employment has to do with being a White Nationalist and having a White Nation, so here’s a start.

One of the benefits of being self-employed or having your own business is having some autonomy.  You don’t have to get permission to go to the potty, to go to the doctor, or whatever.  You decide your hours.  You may work a lot of hours but you decide what part of the day working will take place.  Some jobs you can even do in the middle of the night if you want.  Need a vacation?  You decide when or if you can go.  It puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.  I should think it would be very emasculating for a White man to have to ask permission for every little thing, especially if your boss is woman!  I’m a woman and I can’t stand it.

Along the same lines, you can refuse to work for some people or “people”.  Now, you can’t be TOO picky or you’ll never work but if you get a steady stream of business you can afford to say no to the worst people.

The autonomy of self-employment is important for the reasons stated above but perhaps more importantly for the psychological effect it has on a person.  You feel a certain confidence when you make your own decisions.  Work-life becomes somewhat of an adventure where you can use your creativity to expand your business in a different direction if you want, or improve your business.  Or start a second or 3rd business.  Once you crack the code (there is no code, you simply have to let go of your fears) it is fairly easy to start ANOTHER business.  You are in a word free.  You still have to work, of course, but your options expand when you break free from being someone else’s employee.

And this is SO important if we are to have a homeland of some sort.  Before we can do that we have to stop apologizing, groveling and asking permission from our slavemasters like a bunch of cucks.  Begging isn’t going to get us what we want.  We have to be mentally strong in order to TAKE what is ours because it isn’t going to come easy.  Many of our families and friends will turn away from us, if they haven’t already.  We may find it hard to make a living.  We may be in physical danger.  So we have to have the utmost confidence in what we are doing so there’s no cowardly turning back.  Self employment helps change our mindset.

More Self-Employment thoughts and info next Sunday.

Please don’t quit your job until you have properly prepared.  We’ll talk more about that in  upcoming posts.   







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