Saturday Summary-September 22, 2018

At least one of ourguys is probably on a German police force and leaking information to far right groups.  May have released name of scumbag who stabbed a German to death in Chemnitz.


Next, Nike stores all across South Africa closed after a Nike executive went on a racist rant.  Let’s keep those rants coming (Just make sure your living expenses are covered for the next couple of years-or work for yourself because you are likely going to be unemployable for a while)


Too many “racial slur” incidents this month to bother reporting all of them.  I’m glad there are racists everywhere.  Just try not to get filmed or beat up doing it.  In my neck of the woods, students at a mostly White school upset the mostly hispanic school they were playing football against by wearing red, white and blue clothing and creating a sign that said, “We’re going to TRUMP you”.  Yeah, let’s tromp, oops I mean trump these non-Whites back to their countries.  We need some space.  Hope those kids don’t get into any trouble for this normal and innocuous behavior.

In case you haven’t heard, robots, who operate using logic are “racist and sexist”.  They shun other robots and form their own groups.  Just like humans.  It’s normal to do this when you have a brain (or a strong AI system).

There was some racist vandalism this week in Syracuse and a kids in Wales got arrested for trying to start a Nazi group and for graffiti.  You can look it up if you want.  It happens all the time especially with natural young men and boys before they get cucked.



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