Thoughtful Thursday-Hold On To Your Best Books

I may have said it before but I’m a little concerned about all of our books being online and people reading and keeping less of physical books than in the past.  It’s concerning that millions of our books are now being stolen (scanned by google) and put online where jews have proven to enjoy controlling access to information.  it would only take a flip of a switch, to wipe all our great literature and information books away.

I’m a poor Californian with a tiny space to live in but I’m hoping those of you with lots of space like garages, attics, etc will hang on to some of your best books and when estate planning, leave them to someone who will appreciate them when you pass away (even if it’s not a family member-most of our families might not appreciate good books).

The very best books should be put into time capsules all over the world, just in case nuclear war comes and buries us all under rubble.  Just saying.  It would make it easier for the future anthropologists to learn about us, especially the best of us.

I’m not paranoid.  Just cautious.

PS.  Speaking of books, I was advised to buy a physical book for my geometry learning rather than using the ebook I had ordered.  This is because I’m going to use an online “graph paper” and my advisor said it would be hard to learn toggling back and forth between the online book and the online graph paper.  I might just get some real graph paper too.  I should get my book in a few days and then what excuse will I have for not learning geometry?  I did get up at 4am today which is awesome.  I just hope I get my nap later!  If not, I’m gonna hate life later on today. My early morning plan is blog from 4-5am, Geometry 5-530am, 530-630-shower and eat breakfast.


One thought on “Thoughtful Thursday-Hold On To Your Best Books

  1. Ryu

    Ted Kaczynski was right. Technology DOES reduced human quality.

    People are losing the ability to read actual books. Much less exciting than reading digital media. Often I am the only one I see reading one.

    Years ago, I heard that “old” children’s books were being eliminated. Like pre 1990. I have a few of the good ones left.


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