Tuesday Tactics- Trump Administration to Stop Babying Blacks

The Trump Administration has decided to more or less dismantle the so-called Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity that was suing mortgage lenders who, when during the big housing bubble brown people signed papers they didn’t understand, buying houses and living in neighborhoods they couldn’t afford they “took advantage of minorities”.  (((The powers that be))) tell us that when the bubble burst in 2008 and everyone had to give their houses to the bank Black wealth dissipated.  Hahaha what wealth?  Zero down, then not paying their mortgages for a year or two while their foreclosure was processing?  Sorry Schlomo, we’re not buying it.  If anything it was a great boon to blacks to live in a nice home free for a while.

I ran into a black female who was losing her big ass house in 2007.  (B4 racially aware).  She wasn’t worried about it.  She already had her next mortgage lined up for a big ass house right down the street.  Her profession? In-home daycare provider.  Her monthly mortgage? In excess of $3k a month.

So I’m super glad we aren’t going to keep wasting money suing scumbag banksters for scumbug niggers.  I’m sure we can find better uses for those funds.

Bravo President Trump!


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