Tactics Tuesday-More Propaganda

It really can’t be emphasized enough how important propaganda is to our movement.  It’s part of the reason I’m trying to write every day even though I’m far from the best writer.  I’m hoping I’ll get better if I keep going and I’m hoping I will reach a few souls that need to hear my particular voice.

The point is, we must glut the internet with OUR thoughts and OUR stories.  The (((powers that be))) are, as we speak, plotting to shut down our ability to speak to each other over the internet.  I don’t know how that’s going to pan out but we must be sure speak while we can.  Right now, in the United States, we can’t be put into jail for our ideas so we’re just having our sites and social media profiles taken down one at a time.

While we can, we’ve got to be like the starfish that, when he loses a leg, the appendage seals up very quickly (we mustn’t spend too much time wringing our hands) and a new leg begins to grow.  Sometimes a starfish ends up with an extra leg!

The guy in the video below (you don’t need to watch it if you don’t want to) even talks about how oyster fisherman years ago, not liking the starfish because they ate oysters, cut the legs off starfish they found, quickly DOUBLING the starfish population and putting themselves out of business!  (Sounds like a bit of a myth because I’m pretty sure you need the starfish head in order to grow new legs but what do I know?)

So let’s not lose our heads.  If one by one, the most prominent speakers/writers/filmmakers get their speech shut down, let others rise up and take their place.  Not out of ego, but out of a sense of duty and love.

Let’s grow new legs by filling the internet with our stuff.  This generation of young people has choices in what they watch so our films and writing need to be funny, poignant, engaging.  We can produce media that teaches Whites how to care about themselves again.





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