Scrappy Sunday – September 16, 2018

This happened at the end of July but I wanted to highlight it in case people weren’t aware of it.

Some scumbags decided to “occupy ICE” by making camp outside of an ICE detention facility so Patriot Front came in and destroyed their camp shouting, “Strong Borders, Strong Nation”.

Pretty scrappy!  Can you imagine the smell of that camp?  PEEEEUUUUUW!

Some people think street activism is a waste of time or worse.  I believe if it is done properly, it can be very effective.  Dress casually but neatly.  Keep your face covered.  Plan your escape.  In and out fast.  Work with a very small group.  The larger your group, the more chances you’ll have to be infiltrated and you’ll lose the element of surprise when doing your missions.  There may even be attempts to  frame or entrap you  into a serious crime.

If we sit idly by while jews and their foolish minions take over our countries, what does that make us?





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