Saturday Summary-September 15, 2018

Don’t forget to Where Something White today!  That’s what we WNs do on the 15th of every month.  🙂

A student club in Belgium that was presenting themselves as moderate conservatives  was outed as a far right group after a meeting with Victor Orban recently.  They are called Schild & Vrienden or Shield and Friends.  Hopefully this young men will continue on openly with their agenda.  Below is footage of them defending a Belgium castle from occupying leftist scum.  Their leader, Dries Van Langenhoven was suspended from his University for his action.  I hope he is okay.  More on the club here.


We women just can’t keep our mouths shut and I’m glad.  Seems like everyday a woman (this one might be jew, not sure) can’t take it anymore and goes off, on camera.  Seriously though, don’t do that.  Watch for cameras before letting loose OR if the cameras are rolling, just don’t use racial slurs.  Call them filthy animals, scumbags, dirty pigs, you get the idea.  This woman will probably have to move now.  Self control is important.


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