Thoughtful Thursday-Take a Break and Incubate-Doing Math

Our pal MW has recommended a one year detox from modernity where we could study emotional intelligence and mindfulness.  It’s an interesting idea.

I try to build breaks into my regular routine.  It’s hard.  I love my internet so.  Sometimes the best I can do is watch an old movie (on the internet) to relax and escape mentally, rather than read some more.  Still, my attention span is already shorter than I would like and I know movie watching will only make it worse!

So I’m going to try geometry for some mental exercise.  It hurts my head a little doing maths.  And my head is already a little busy learning another business during the day but still.  If I can get up a little early and write every day on this blog (today is day 13 in row!) then I can take an hour a day (or maybe just 15 minutes to start with) to learn something difficult.  I’m thinking about getting up earlier to do it because, well….you all probably know what happens when you don’t get the difficult thing (like working out for instance) done first thing in the morning.  It never happens.  I’m thinking I will get up super early, write on this blog, do my math, shower, breakfast, then take a nap.  Something like that.

If I’m a good girl and do what I’ve said I’m going to do, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  If you don’t hear about this again…you’ll know what happened or should I say, didn’t happen.

I’m scared.  Math is hard and makes me feel dumb.  I guess that’s why I need to conquer it.



3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday-Take a Break and Incubate-Doing Math

  1. Ryu

    There are many ways to exercise your brain.

    You don’t have to do math. You could just try memorizing large lists of things relevant to you. Books, as a technology, have dumbed people down. Did you know, men used to be able to memorize long stories at the first sitting before books came along?

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I seem to recall you’re suggesting people (men at least) getting into STEM. Just because you have given up on it doesn’t mean it doesnt have value.

      I agree though that it would be good if we memorized things. Perhaps our old legends and things that the jews can disappear off the internet with more or less “the flip of a switch”.

  2. mindweapon

    You should definitely practice math as brain exercise. You can help teach the future home school! I hope you are enjoying making geometric figures with the software you found. Thanks for all your support and encouragement, and I’m so glad you are giving math a try!


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