Weird Wednesday-Does the Fedgov Need Your Taxes?

How do people afford retirement?  Usually, they save a percentage of their incomes for many years and invest it in income producing real estate or other investments such as stocks and bonds.  After about 40 years of this, the money creates enough income that the person no longer has to work for money.  (If you have a good pension plan you might not need to do this but you get the idea).

Well the United States government seems to have done the same thing except it took around 70 years to reach financial independence.  By investing  just 5% of taxpayer dollars into major corporations every year, the United States government systematically took over the wealthiest corporations in America and beyond and built a huge portfolio for itself.  Weird huh?  Here are the financial accounts for the corporation called the United States for 2017.

The numbers you see listed are in the billions of dollars.

As you can see, the gov is invested in pensions, home and corporate mortgages, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (gse backed securities) private and foreign investments, mutual funds consumer credit and so on.

Does the general public know about this?  Is it the job of our governing bodies to get wealthy and keep the wealth to themselves?  Did we vote on this?

Are they sharing the wealth with all of us, particularly the taxpayers or are they doling it out to their pets, their war machines or their other nefarious projects?  Do they still need to collect taxes monies from hurting Americans?

Hat tip to Walter Burien who is trying to stop our uber rich Uncle Sam from bleeding us dry.  Check out his website-where I learned about this crazy situation.  Ask him questions if you like.  (his phone number is on his home page).



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