Tactical Tuesday-Change the Court System

It’s time we did away with the human element in the court system.  We live in a scientific age, a time of computer programs.  There are no need for judges and juries to “interpret” the law.

An algorithm could be set up where the rules are in place and even the exceptions are decided in advance.

Oops!  Already exists!

As criminal justice algorithms have come into greater use at the federal and state levels, they have also come under greater scrutiny. Many criminal justice experts have denounced “risk assessment” tools as opaque, unreliable, and unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is also considering whether to take a case on the use of a secretive technique to predict possible recidivism.  Read more here.

Well of course, the (((criminal justice experts))) don’t like these tools because Jamal Muhammed Kunta Kinte (fake name!) might actually serve some time and the public will be a little safer while he’s in prison.  Can’t have that!

I’m excited about this technology.  In the right hands (and given the correct information), it could be used to speed up the process of convicting criminals and we could probably lay off a slew of useless bureaucrats.  What do you guys and gals think?





3 thoughts on “Tactical Tuesday-Change the Court System

  1. Ryu

    They can manipulate the programming to produce the output they want. The last thing our masters want is objectivity.

    Empires don’t get smaller willingly. They have to be forced by external events, and later by internal ones. This Police State junk always helps (((them))). Hmmm just like magic.


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