Scrappy Sunday

Disclaimer:  I don’t know if  any of the following stories are true.  That’s the trouble with fake news.  It’s hard to tell which stories actually happened and which are simply propaganda pieces meant to teach Whitey a lesson in tolerance.

Two Canadians, one from Edmonton (possibly not White) and one from Ontario have racist words with Indians (dot, not feather) when arguing about parking spots.  They make fun of their language and the dude in Ontario actually rams into the streetshitter’s car and says he would kill the guy’s children.  I sure hope these incidents really happened.  Who wouldn’t love to say these things to invaders?  Dot Indians are some of the rudest, nastiest “people” to be around and it would be great if people started giving them what for.



Ok so one of the reasons I’m wondering if these stories are fake news is because another story came out of Edmonton recently where a White man in a wheelchair did his best to stand up for Canada despite being outnumbered and cucked by a cowardly pos huwhite “man”.

Across the pond, Hermann Kelly (warning, he’s gay) of Ireland is self-funding and founding Irexit for the purpose of getting Ireland out of the EU.  Says open borders put a strain on housing.  Refreshing!

I’m pretty sure the following thing happened.  Somebody changed the signage at an Arby’s in Minnesota.



And finally, our old pal, sort of, Tommy Robinson did a demonstration with a small group of Britain First guys in Huddersfield UK where he says 60-85 pedophile rapists from that city are headed to jail.  The guy has been through a lot.  I’m glad he’s still willing to speak out about these things.  Not many are willing to do it.  It’s very likely that paki pedo rings are not just operating out of Rotherham but all over the UK.  They need to be dealt with most severely.





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