Saturday Summary September 8, 2018

I’m late with this.  It’s technically the wee hours of Sunday as I write this in California but  I wanted you guys to see some news you may or may not have read somewhere else for this week.

German police officers risked it all to make Nazi salute in Germany!

Serena Williams. First, what in the holy hell is she wearing in this photo?  Google, why do you do this to me?  I’m not the fashion police but are you FREAKING kidding me?  She is representing the United States.  She thinks she is dainty ballerina.  DISTURBING.imageedit_13_2456227943

Besides this major fashion faux pas guffaw she had another of her infamous meltdowns today accusing a referee of sexism etc. etc. ad nauseam when she was caught cheating  because she lost her tennis match.   What happened to good sportsmanship?  Oh silly, me, that’s a White thing.

Trump has  been taking a hardline on trade with Canada and we can expect them to cave this week and give us a fair deal for a change.  I have begun to think of China, oops, I mean Canada as a colony of Asia but hey a whopping 32% of people living in Canada consider themselves to be ethnic Canadians.  There has been a TON of immigration to Canada in the last few years but thankfully some of the immigrants have been from Europe and the U.S.  not just China.  Do any of you have a feel for how White China is?  I cannot get a good idea from the internet.  I’d like to visit myself and see what’s up.  I know in certain cities, ethnic Canadians are being priced out of buying homes in the place they grew up in because of all the rich Chinese moving in.  Why can’t the Chinese stay in China????  What’s wrong with it?

Sometime it’s the little things.  The list of officials who deny having written that stupid New York Times Op-Ed grows.  Trump is a Strongman. He degafs (Doesn’t give a F$ck what people think of him).  PLUS he’s actually getting things done.  Slowly but surely people are coming to his side.  It’s satisfying to watch.

Border Patrol continues to apprehend drugs at border.  “Martinez” writes an article about what Border Patrol Agent “Robert Rodriguez” says about tactics Mexicans are using to smuggle drugs into the United States.    Anyone see a problem with this?  Come on!

Okay sorry to end on a bad note but people need to be honest about what’s going on.  Mexicans are making money off of the weaknesses of our people.  What are we going to do about it?

Wake up White Man.





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