Thoughtful Thursday-Control Freaks

I’m sure some jew coined the term Control Freak.  It started to be used in the seventies and it is supposed to mean, “a person who feels an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves and others and to take command of any situation”.

Now I can definitely say there have been a couple of people in my life who have been over the top with controlling behavior so I’m not saying the idea of a control freak is completely without merit.  However, it has been much too generously applied to the population and especially White men, in order to subdue them.  A man can’t have authority over his wife or even his own children lest he be accused of being a control freak and needing to go to to anger management classes.

And even if one has never been accused of being a control freak, because the term has been used so often and the idea behind it is so pervasive in our current society , it is at the back of many of our minds that we mustn’t be too controlling, mustn’t be too forceful with our ideas of right and wrong, mustn’t be too restrained in our habits or we’ll become stodgy and even as we age, “salty” or curmudgeonly!

We mustn’t let hebes decide what is obsessive or not.  We White Europeans are our own nation regardless of our geographical location and as such, we can have our own rules.  We can control ourselves.  It starts with self-control; restraining ourselves from habits that do more harm than good and proper management of our environment. (I’m not going to suggest you read Jordan Peterson now but he made some good points of starting our day right by making our beds)  It means not just doing what one feels like, but doing the hard things, often at the beginning of the day when resolve is fresh.  Something to think about.

As an aside, I’ve been getting up early to write here for just a few days and  it’s such a great way to start my day, doing the thing I truly WANT to do but somehow wasn’t making the time for.  I feel in control of my day and my life and it is good.


2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday-Control Freaks

  1. Ryu

    I will say the jews run the best police states, like East Germany or the former early USSR, and of course, the modern USA. They control every little bit they can.

    Ugh don’t even mention Juden PeterStein. He’s an alt light cuck.


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