Weird Wednesday-Tex Arcane and the Great Shuttening

Tex Arcane probably wouldn’t mind being featured on Weird Wednesday.  His last name (self chosen I’m sure) has a similar meaning.

Tex wrote on a site called Vault-Co which jewgle (google) will not take you directly to, but Bing will.  Apparently jewgle de-indexed the site quite some time ago so no one could find it.

Apparently he wrote there for over a decade.  He claims he was asked to remove all his posts by someone.  The fact that he complied, not waiting to be asked twice implies there may have been a serious threat of some kind made.

If you’re not familiar with Tex’s writings, he wrote about politics, alternative ancient history and he did some investigative type writing.  I believe it was his assertion that there were underground bunkers under a Costco he explored that got him into trouble with the scumbags.  He came to believe that Costco was more or less an emergency prepper pantry for the elite where gullible commoners were allowed to buy up the older items as they were rotated out.  Makes perfect sense to me.  Just as the libtards and their Jew friends, wreck an area with diversity and wacky “rights” then won’t actually live in the mess they’ve created and move on to untouched green place, so the elites don’t want to live in the hell they have spawned so will hide out when the inevitable apocalypse comes.  They hate us so much they will scorch this bitch then run for cover.

You can find SOME of Tex’s writing using or Ryu has reprinted some of his work at Eradica.  Hopefully we’ll get some legislation soon that will prevent these jews (globalists, zionists, communists) from not allowing us to practice our First Amendment rights in the modern public square-the internet.  This is why politics is a necessary evil.


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