Tactics Tuesday-White Power at the Local Level

A lot of WNs don’t like the idea of using politics to regain our power (which we need to simply survive).  They say, and I’ve said myself that politics don’t work but perhaps it’s a lack of patience on our part.  Yesterday, an acquaintance of mine told me about a friend’s mexican family that COULDN’T GO HOME to their house this week because ICE was after them!  LOVE IT.  I haven’t heard of any stories like this personally the entire time I’ve lived in California.  I seriously believe Trump is ramping up our border security and this means a lot of Mestizos will be self deporting.  Is America going to have a White country this year?  Of course not but things are moving in a good direction.

More and more civic nationalists and perhaps a few White Nationalists are moving into positions at the local level.   We can do a lot of good at this level as well.  I’m not sure what the Alderman in Aberdeen Mississippi would call themselves but they are doing their best to drain their city of swamp monsters that want to suck them dry.

The Aberdeen board of Aldermen has voted twice to cut Mayor Maurice Howard’s salary In July they cut his salary by $15K and in August they cut it another $10,000. Now he is making around $19k.  The reason?  He’s a nigger and a nigger’s going to nig.  He was never in his office or available to speak with.  He drove a city owned vehicle out of state and charged the gas to the city.  He is not reporting the city car he is allowed to use on his taxes etc.  You get the idea.

Dumb huWhites are probably going to keep electing nig nogs to office for a while longer but it we can manage to have a few smart Whites politically active, we can neutralize their effect.  In this political climate, non-Whites are getting more and more blatant with their low IQ behavior so it becomes easier and easier to get rid of them.

Hat tip AO


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