Scrappy Sunday-Self Employment Part 1

I’m trying to get up early to write everyday.  Writing only when I feel “inspired” or whatever means I hardly ever write and I’m never going to improve as a writer (I’m not sure I even qualify to use that term for myself) if I don’t have some kind of discipline with blogging.  So I’m going to give this a try and hopefully someone will find the things I write about helpful or enjoyable.

I like the word scrappy even though some find it offensive when used for White athletes.  And by some, I probably mean (((some))).  Yeah, sure it would have been nice to have been born to a family that could have sent me to a good college (although I didn’t see a need for college when I was 18) and given me 10k for a down payment on my first house but that wasn’t my fate.  I’ve had to earn my way so I’ve tried to make the best of it.

I live in expensive area so that’s why I went to work at all.  My husband’s income wasn’t quite enough for us to afford our life, so he and his family pushed me out into the work world. (it actually had a very bad effect on our marriage and we are divorced now.  More on that another time.)

For many years I was on the job carousel because I didn’t know better.  I always hated jobs, not because I don’t like working, I actually LOVE working, at something worthwhile.  I think I hated jobs because all my life I’d been taught certain values by my parents, other adults in my community, church and White society at large (I was raised in an city that is still well over 90% White).  Honesty, humility, industry, curiosity, resourcefulness, inventiveness were just some of them.  I was extremely disappointed to find that the work world didn’t seem to share my values, in fact my values were a liability.  Honesty was laughed at, humility was seen as weakness, industry was rewarded with being given other people’s work, etc.  The economy was good so I went from job to job looking for some place that didn’t turn my stomach every freaking day.  I think the most I lasted somewhere was 2 years before I got laid off from a decent job (the only time I’ve gotten laid off and it was because they wanted to bring in lower paid people).

A couple of years in the work force, I had the chance to cruise the internet at work (I wasn’t to have a home computer for many years) and began reading about working from home.  It sounded like a dream come true but it was to be many years before the dream became a reality for me as, for many years the carousel was whirling around pretty fast and I could barely catch my breath.

I’ve run out of time to write more so I’ll have to continue next week on Scrappy Sunday.  In the  meantime, I’d love to hear if any of what I’ve written struck a cord with you.  Please comment below and I’ll check in and leave you a response.  I’d love to know more people that are self employed or wish to be self-employed.

Oh and if you’re wondering what self-employment has to do with being a White Nationalist and having a White Nation, I’ll write about that soon.





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