Short Saturday Summary

Just thought I’d throw out some news from this week on this lovely Saturday.

It appears and Idaho man (or group) paid for robocalls to be made in Iowa to let people know about Mollie Tibbetts death at the hands of a Mexican scumbag.  The usual people are screaming about it in the press but who cares what they think?

8000 Germans in Chemnitz led by several hundred identifiable neo-Nazis but joined by many others, surged thru the streets shouting “We are the People!”.  Video included.  Quite encouraging (just ignore the jewy commentary) Check it

Trump makes it easier for companies to set up retirement accounts for their employees.   A step in the right direction.

Trump has negotiated a deal with Mexico that will bring auto industry jobs back to the United States.  You can skip the video.   Check the bullet points for details.

Some people are still racially smart.  Smith College “student” was questioned by a security guard for looking out of place.  Well of course she looked out of place.  Even as dumbed down as colleges are today, 58% of Negros drop out.

Have a great weekend!






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