Checkin In

Hello fellow racists and anti-semites.  I just wanted to check in since I haven’t written anything for a while.

I have felt for some time that there are so many good bloggers out there and that it’s really not necessary for me to write.  Sadly I haven’t put in the time to become a good writer, I just kind of throw up on “the page” and hope for the best.

I’ve had a good year.  I met another jew hater (a woman) through my work.  She had felt all alone in her beliefs so she was so happy to meet someone who understood her feelings.  We talk about a lot of things of course but it’s been neat filling her in on some things she didn’t know since I’ve done a lot of reading on the Jewish Question and related topics.

She came by her feeling naturally by growing up around Jews.  Even the “little jews” can be so hateful and mean.

We laugh because we both play this little game with ourselves, something I call, “find the jew”.  I know it sounds crazy to an outsider but I’m proud that I can often recognize them now much of the time.

Keep in mind, most of them, if you ask them if they are Jewish they will lie to you at least twice saying no and telling you every nationality/ethnicity except Jewish but if you press them they will usually finally admit it.  I like breaking them down like that.

Haha so you see, I really shouldn’t be writing on blogs as I’m just getting really weird and I’m sure a jewish shrink would say I’m anti-social and I’m just a loser, that’s why I’m such a hater.


Other than that I work too much, watch old movies and go to dinner with friends.  Sometimes I see my family.  Life is good.  Could be much worse.  I try to appreciate the good things we still have in the U.S.

Ok I guess that’s enough personal stuff for now.  Hope all of you are doing well.


6 thoughts on “Checkin In

  1. Reba

    I love your blog and your writings. My husband and I play that game too. You know them by their deeds and their noses! The jooish shrink would add a perverted twist to it. their minds are always in the gutter. Glad you’re doing well.

  2. Ryu

    Good for you. Is she fully 1488 or just a plain old anti-semite?

    That’s rare. I’ve never seen someone who hates jews but not niggers, spics or Muzz.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      She’s a funny one. She def understands racial differences but some races bother her more than others.

      It’s interesting how unique different individuals are. She learned everything she needed to know from living in California while some of us had to read books to confirm what was in the back of our minds.

      1. Ryu

        Then she’s a “natural” LOL.

        Have to be careful with those. They didn’t have to work for their awareness. They tend to have holes in their understanding.

        My ignorant bigotry was the result of years of study.

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