Matt Heimbach Doesn’t Matter

Or should I say,  his affair, violent actions, arrest etc. don’t matter

Here’s why.  This country was raised on Gerry Springer, Geraldo Rivera, Oprah Winfrey (in her early days) and many other other scumbags who showed us the seediest side of the lowest forms of life in this country.  At first we were shocked and scandalized (although some were secretly titillated) by the escapades of these reprobates.

After a few decades of shock though, most of us are immune to it.

Someone could find a sex tape of The Donald having sex with fifty hookers at a time and the “holiest” evangelical would still support his presidency.

Matthew Heimbach’s fall from grace is barely a blip on the screen.  We have a government “peopled” by pedophiles for gosh sake!

We are a leaderless resistance and it is in our blood to resist the tyranny of the rat-faced kikes.  Forget the wannabe leaders with their feet of clay.

The 14 words are all that matter.


1 thought on “Matt Heimbach Doesn’t Matter

  1. Ryu

    I heard about this. Jail isn’t such a bad place. He’ll prob meet some good WNs there, a good recruiting opportunity.

    I think its good he is still interested in sex, and can still “choke out” another man (LOL!)


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