Write to Dylann Roof-Updated Address

I should have gotten this information out sooner.  It is as accurate info as I can find.  When Dylann received his death sentence they moved him to another prison.  Here’s the address, best I can tell.  I read somewhere that he likes books.  If you send him one, you have to send it directly from the publisher.  I think this means you could order a book from amazon and have it sent to him.  I hope some of you will remember him.  If you are religious, please pray for him.  You may not agree with his tactics but he was a very young man and it was the best he could do.

Honestly, if most White men in the world rose up together like Dylann did (hopefully with support of White women) our problems would be over very quickly.  I like to imagine it sometimes.

Hail Victory!

Dylann Storm Roof, #0001518680
C/O Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center
3841 Leeds Avenue
North Charleston, S.C. 29405



5 thoughts on “Write to Dylann Roof-Updated Address

  1. Ryu

    In a way, he’s lucky. Death row has better food, one man cells, less trouble than main block inmates. He’ll have “relative” solitude.


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