Jew Fag Gets Offed by “Nazi”

ALLEGEDLY…Bernstein was hitting on this guy Woodward whose social media posts defended the Confederate flag, showed a love of guns, the Bible and waterboarding. The sick jew probably looked at Woodward (Nazi guy) as a challenge.  He sent texts to others saying that the Nazi guy was hitting on him.  BAD MOVE.

Woodward stabbed him 20 times then buried him in the dirt.  A sloppy job, to be sure but maybe jew fags will think twice about hitting on Nazis now.

Probably not though which is why at some point, hopefully in my lifetime, these kikes will be dealt with once and for all.


4 thoughts on “Jew Fag Gets Offed by “Nazi”

  1. Ryu

    Ah, I didn’t know that. I wondered why this case was getting so much press. No wonder now – a white killed a jew.


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