If Only I COULD find a White Manicurist/Pedicurist!

I get a pedicure about twice a year.  I don’t like going but sometimes I have some fancy thing I have to do so I need to look extra sharp.

Anyways, in Southern California all the mani/pedi women are Asian.  No one forced them to do it.  They could have run 7-11s like the Indians, Pakis or whatevers.  They could have held any of the jobs Mexicans do but they choose to band together and start nail businesses and only hire other Asians.

I’ll bet I’m not the only White woman in SoCal that would LOVE to have a White lady help me and I’ll bet there’s lots of White ladies around who would LOVE to have a job as a manicurist/pedicurist.  How nice it would be to be in a salon where everyone speaks perfect English!  How nice to give a hefty tip to a sister to help her family out!

Oh yeah and guess what?  When I go to the salon I’m usually the only White customer there.  Turns out, hispanics LOVE getting their mani/pedis.  Oprah is a lying bitch.  She put out these photos that were supposed to “make a powerful statement about race and power among women”.  What they really show is her agenda to make everyone (including White people) hate White people, obeying her masters who wish to genocide us.

Here’s another lying bitch photo.

As if White women don’t do service jobs and shitskins are never rich.  What a joke.

I worked as a housekeeper a couple of years ago…with a White woman who started her own cleaning business from nothing.  Guess who most of our customers were?  The saviors of the world- JEWS-Oprah’s gods.  In fact, some of them looked a bit like that woman in the photo above.

Fuck off Oprah.



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