Response to Softer Side-Values

I’m not at war with White women.  My aim is to be helpful to any woman that can be helped by my words.

I asked my readers to address the problem of men and women not getting together because of women being slutty and not wanting to devote their lives to someone like that and Softer Side of the Movement gave me an answer.

I’m going to address some of the points she made in coming blog posts.  I will bold my answers.  I am also addressing WOMEN here for two reasons.  1.  I don’t believe in preaching to men.  Men should preach to men.  That’s a value of mine and I’m not going to debate it at this time.  2.  WN women (in general) and their feminist allies are fond of telling men how they need to change but seem to lack any self-awareness.  They seem unaware that many of the things they do contribute to their own unhappiness, that of those around them and how they tear down their homes with their own hands (so to speak).  I think this needs to change and it starts with me, even though it is an uncomfortable position to take.  And ladies, if you and your home are happy, then this doesn’t apply to you.  Maybe it applies to someone you know and you can pass along the information.

Here goes:

“values they need to return white men and woman aren’t getting together because they weren’t taught the proper moral values”.  I agree wholeheartedly.  AND the values must be taught by men and women who HAVE good values.  If something is truly a value of yours, you adhere to it no matter what the rest of the world is doing. 

For instance, it’s not a good idea to use the promiscuous behavior of men to excuse your own promiscuity. 

Why? Because  promiscuity can lead to a woman having a lot of baggage.  A woman who has a half-dozen or more relationships before she’s out of her teens has gone through a number of mini-divorces.  She’s felt the pain of rejection, regret, loss, in many cases angry, unkind words, sometimes even physical abuse over an over again. 

If you value yourself and your future self, you are careful about who you spend time with and you don’t give yourself physically or emotionally to men who don’t share your values.  It may mean many lonely years but you can spend those years being productive, making friends (friends with values), contributing to your family, friends, neighborhood (if it’s White) and your race. 

I know a woman who did that.  She’s pretty (I’ve never met an ugly White woman, if they’re ugly, they are probably mixed) but she didn’t chase boys/men like some of her acquaintances did.  So she didn’t date at all really.  At times she felt impatient because at first it seemed like her friends were having a lot of fun…then she saw the breakups and the subsequent tears, fetal positions, depression, eating disorders, anti-depressant use and so on that followed. She didn’t want any part of that. She hung in there and stayed busy. 

Later she reconnected through friends with a young man she’d met in High School.  He was/is a high value man.  He’s from a good family with a stay at home mom and a high earning father.  A LOT of women wanted to be with him but he chose my woman friend over all the women that were throwing themselves at him.  He wanted the same things she wanted…namely, a family.  So after a long engagement while he finished his schooling, they were married.  He was worth the wait. 

Even if it hadn’t worked out and my friend had never gotten married, wouldn’t it have been better for her to have stayed “alone” with her busy happy life than to have gone through the tears, fetal positions, depression, eating disorders and anti-depressant use routine? How many years can a woman do this and not go a little insane?

Another reason not to to be promiscuous?  High quality men don’t want to be with a woman everyone has been with.  Sorry, that’s the way god or nature wired them.  Some say it stems back to when there was no birth control or DNA tests.  If you’re with a woman of loose morals, you might just end up raising another man’s child.  No smart, self-respecting man wanted to do that.  And today, no smart, self-respecting man really wants that.  In fact, if they somehow settle for that kind of woman, they have a hard time trusting her to be loyal.  This leads to major problems and is probably part of the reason the divorce rate is so high.  Think about it!

Again, if this doesn’t apply to you, then fine, you have nothing to learn but perhaps, there may be help here for someone you know.

Also, I have not lived a perfect life.  I too was a feminist, although I didn’t know it at the time.  I am fortunate that I figured things out (to some extent) before it was too late for me to have children with a good man.  I still have a lot to learn though.  There are still roots of feminism in me.  I pull them up like weeds but then some more appear.

My point is, I speak from experience and from observing life for a few decades.

Some other values I will discuss on my blog:

Careerism vs Motherhood

Raising Your Own Children

and whatever else I think of.  Then I will move on to another of Softer Side’s points.

Leave a comment if you want but don’t feel hurt if I can’t address everything you say or ask about because I need to stay on track with answering SS’s first points and there’s only so much time in a day.  If you hang in there with me, you might get the answer you’re looking for.

I wish you lots of peace and love sisters.  I mean that with all my heart!









5 thoughts on “Response to Softer Side-Values

  1. Ryu

    Are you trying to “Make White Women Great Again”?

    Often women get red pilled too late…after the divorce, after they get too old. It would be good for them to hear certain truths early on, from someone they trust.

  2. Softer Side of the Movement

    I do not feel hurt at all, I do respect that you choose to have an open conversation about things instead of attacking its something that rarely takes place these days. Just to be clear i in no way feel a woman should sleep around or open herself up to every man she meets but with that said neither should men. I do not expect any woman to preach to any man and honestly woman shouldn’t be preaching to other woman either. In response to you saying wn woman who deal with feminist I for one do not know any true WN woman who pals around with any feminist. keep in mind i stated true wn woman. There is a difference between being a feminist and a strong woman leader. There is a difference in a woman stepping up to lead the way when a man has abandon them. You cant address only half of a issue when the issue concerns both sides. for every action there is a direct reaction followed by a consequence weather it be positive or negative. You can not say Women need to take control and not sleep around then turn around and say woman should be submissive to man. It just doesn’t level out. Boys and young teenage boys lives revolve around getting laid that just puberty and lust they push and pull and even breakdown females. The say nasty things bully make fun of and at time even broken girls down to the point of taking there very life from the embarrassment. They don’t even realize half the time they are having that effect on young females. This is just teenage antics that have gotten beyond a line that should have never been crossed. and yes at times there has been the same done to young men.

    I am a firm believer that a wife and mothers place is at home with her children during the young years till they are ready for middle school. But being the daughter of a single mother and woman that held at least 3 jobs at a time down and spent her life saving lives and training others to do so for over 25 years very respected and very involved in the betterment of our entire community. she was on the chamber of commerce, a paramedic and an als instructor. Then when she became ill instead of allowing the cancer to consume her and win she ran head on into any cancer activism she could for the remainder of years during this time she still taught me how to cook she taught me the basic values of my responsibilities even being a wife whos husband cheated on her with his work colleague then abandon her to raise me alone when i was 2 she still instilled the proper morals of being a loving wife and mother and how important family was. She didnt meet my step dad until i was in high school. She also raised me to be strong and stand firm on my beliefs that i could be successful on my own and didn’t need a man but that i should find a husband and have the love of a whole family to respect and honor him and my children to make sure i fulfill the things a wife should be not allow a career to run my life. I went to collage I was in the medical profession as well but my children’s father was and still is a piece of shit he beat on me cheated on me ect. so i left my children were not going to be raised that way. Then i met my husband now and he is a real white man takes care of us and is the example im proud that my kids have him in their lives to show them what a real man does. But at the end of the day in order for me to find where i belonged i had to go through something i hated that doesn’t make me a slut i was married to the piece of shit had my kids in wedlock took care of him cooked cleaned took care of my children ect. But he still cheated and lied and abandoned his children and i will be damned if anyone’s going to point the finger at me. I never put him in jail never hit him never even fought back until i had enough and my daughter at the age of two asked me why daddy was spanking me. What do you tell your two year old?
    you tell them daddy had a bad day and its not there fault then you let it sink in that your children are seeing what you never wanted them to see because you feel you should remain true to your vows no matter what. But now your kids must come first their happiness their safety and their future and i finally left and took my two futures with me and never looked back. I moved forward with life and found the man i was meant to be with everything complements each other we know answers before we ask i know when its a situation that he needs to control not because thats the rules but because i have that respect for him and trust he will make the best decisions for us and our future the remainder of the time im usually the one that makes decisions but i know when its time to be the wife. My children say mam and sir and please and thankyou they know when to be seen and not heard. Just as I did. Morals must be instilled in children.

    You can not hold one gender responsible for our failures as a race for every fault you throw out there i will match it with an equal fault of the other. My childrens dad wasnt raised to be the man he became he had the most loving dedicated picture perfect parents married 50 years plus, raised old fashioned. morals and structure as a whole need to find there way back to our folk. Its no one groups fault it a break down of our moral structure period.


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