Innocent Angel Princess Beats Up White Man


See “Aryan Princesses” want you to think they are innocent victims of mean ‘ole White men.  They (often) are NOT.  Women can be just as violent and out of control as men.  Maybe more so.

Ya know what’s sad?  That White man could have overpowered this woman and beat HER ass any time he wanted to but he was probably taught not to hit women.  And rightly so because if he had, HE probably would have gone to jail.  VERY SAD.



2 thoughts on “Innocent Angel Princess Beats Up White Man

  1. Softer Side of the Movement

    I’m curious what you issue is with white females. Any individual is capable of being unhinged any individual is capable of being moral and any individual is capable of snapping and having enough of the bullshit. Do you hate yourself or are you scared of being a leader instead of a follower. There are many strong well spoken educated female leaders in this movement who are complemented by equally strong well spoken men . They are a powerful force within our folk. Until persons like you get a better grasp of what the people you call your folk are capable of you will be someone who slows this movement down you are simple in the way. As a voice in this movement you have inserted yourself as someone females should listen too and link what you are doing with it you are bashing thoes you should be leading. Every situation is different how dare you place all in one category. How dare you belittle those who have been battered and betrayed by the men who should have been protecting them and how dare you place those who battered them in the same category of the true men in our folk who spend there days being real men fathers and sons. Since you seem to think you should be a voice that’s heard let’s hear what it is you have done for you folk beside speak brainwashed nonsense. What have you sacrificed for your folk. What do you daily to secure the existence of our folk. Let’s hear it ? Tell me what example you are being that you feel our children should follow. Your teaching weakness and that is absolutely sad. Our children need to be strong they need to fight they need to have loyalty honor and morals they need to defend themselves and their futures . You have shown me nothing but weakness . My husband is a leader strong proud hard working and he will be the first to tell you I am equally the same we are a team we move forward together he is my best friend and that’s how it should be . Get out from behind your computer and be a part of something greater than your ignorance.

  2. Softer Side of the Movement

    Reblogged this on Softer Side Of The Movement and commented:
    I used to like to listen to this ladies writing but it seems she has been brainwashed and to me now is doing nothing but poisoning those in our movement she has lost something someplace. Visit her page and read her views on white Sharia and more she should be ashamed she attacks females and feels sorry for weak men who should be real men. Sad……


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