White Sharia Revisited

Although White Sharia rubs many Judaised women the wrong way, I stand behind what I posted earlier.

The White Sharia term is mostly meant to bring attention to the topic of feminism gone wild.  It is truly not meant to promote the beating of women nor is it meant to turn them into whores.  Quite the opposite.  If you are claiming not to understand this you are either one or all of these things.  1.  Old and humorless  2.  Uninformed or 3.  Disingenuous  Which one are you?

My most esteemed friend Cly brought up King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in a comment.  A power couple to be sure.  Still, did you know that Queen Isabella knitted her husband’s shirts herself?  She also was so devout that men did not swear in her presence and evildoers fled from her city due to her incorruptability.  She had a no-nonsense approach toward scumbags and everyone knew it!

She was also a humble servant.  As the Spanish army routed the last of the moorish invaders she visited the sick and wounded, sometimes dressing their wounds with her own hands.  Queen Isabella was not some half-dyke, pants wearing, anti-depressant taking “empowered woman”.  She had a servants heart.  And I have no doubt her husband loved her for it.  He had no need to “beat her into submission” nor was she a whore.  She was exactly what he needed her to be.  A partner who loved the Spanish people as much as he did and served their interests.

The patriarchy as it truly worked meant women didn’t vote against our interests as a race like they do now.  It meant that our young women wouldn’t DREAM of catching a ride with a nigger and getting raped and killed.  It meant our children weren’t raised by strangers because their mothers were busy working so they could have the “little extras”.  Hell, it meant women could actually HAVE children.  They worked WITH their husbands, not against them.

The world was a better place for women and children when women accepted their status as equal but different than that of a man.




28 thoughts on “White Sharia Revisited

  1. Unhinged Cosmic Edgelord

    Feminism exists because men have become comfortable and weak. Fathers have become more addicted to hobbyism and pleasures than raising males in the paths or righteousness (insert religion of your choice I don’t care). The man shortage is not a shortage of dicks, but of actual mature men.

  2. Denise

    Maureen – knock is off. If you want to live under Sharia, go get yourself a sand nigger Overlord, and convert to Islime “Sharia” is not even a WHITE CONCEPT. If you want traditional male- female roles to be re-implemented – then Kinder, Küche, Kirche works just fine. FYI please stdy REAL history. Women have ALWAYS worked. Always. Why don’t you study the guilds – family businesses – of the Middle Ages? One of the GREATEST Rulers in History was Elizabeth I, of England. Isabella may have made her hubby’s shirts – but SHE was a dominant power in that duo. European men and women should compliment each other – not compete, brutalize, or enslave each other.

    “White Sharia” was concocted by retarded faggots of the ineffective alleged WN movement – even though a lot of them are NOT White at all. Weev – the Jew – stated that women should have their arms broken for using a cell phone. Do I really need to bring up the grotesque mental/emotional issues of the Mystery Meat Midget Yellow Fever victim Andrew Anglin? The male who cannot attract any women other than teenaged Indonesian prostitutes? The handful of losers bleating about White Sharia do not possess the social skills of a 70 point IQ ghetto nigger. Stop pandering to them. You are NOT helping them correct their woefully destructive lack of socialization. THEY need to fix what wrong with THEM. You are patronizing THEM. You are NOT THEIR MOMMY. They won’t like you any more because you are attempting to justify their childish, idiotic, self destructive behavior.

    I KNOW White Nationalist men to love their wives and children. They don’t hate women. They aren’t afraid of women. Their wives love them because they love their wives Confident, mature men, and women, for that matter, do not have to implement sick power structures. Stop crippling them, or trying to keep them crippled and stunted. STOP IT.

    Maureen – the problem with White men IS White men. White men have been losing to the JEW for hundreds of years. White men are brilliant at creating things – but ROTTEN at defending the Tribe. This wasn’t always the case; it’s been a slow steady erosion of White Racial solidarity, and the de-racination as accelerated in the past….ohhh….200 years Niggerball worship is a much bigger problem than White women. White men are infinitely more in love with Niggerball, and the toys they create, than they are with women. White men bleat about how horrid women are- but women go to strength, naturally. Brutalizing women is not going to turn White men in to leaders. THEY have to do that.

    I thought this White Sharia BULLSHIT faded out. I can’t believe a woman is resuscitating this ghoul. Jews, Negroes, and even Muslims USE their women to advance their racial goals to extraordinary success. Nice way to work for the Jew, Maureen. Any Normie that sees this White Sharia CRAP drops any interest in racialism on the SPOT. So thanks for Serving the Jew, Maureen.

    1. Softer Side of the Movement

      The problem with some white men is they have no desire to actually stand as a man. They run from responsibility they don’t raise there children. And again I said some. Others work there asses off to be a provider love to no end and sacrifice anything they must to protect their families. As far a woman go they do the same on both sides. What needs to return is the value of the family unit as a whole, the bond between a husband and wife and the desire to teach the children the same values. The answer simply lies in the home and it’s structure and what they choose to do with it. If a family can grow and thrive complement one another and move forward than no rules would be needed things would fall into place. When a family does as it should it takes care of one another without demand.

      1. Softer Side of the Movement

        I am actually very bothered by this post. It shows how much things truly are a mess in the minds of many. And how much education guidance and better examples are needed with in our folk. It shows the lack of so many things that should not be lacking. Just shows how much harder we need to work to survive and move forward for the children s tomorrow.

      2. Denise

        Hello. I can’t “reply” to your last comment, due to the thread structure – so I’ll respond using this reply option. Firstly – the “White Sharia” lunacy WAS created by vengeful, yet ineffectual, and possibly homosexual males possessed of a burning hatred and FEAR of women. Confident, attractive men do no have to resort to such tactics, in attracting and keeping women. The idiots that created this IDIOCY want to PUNISH women. I don’t think they want actual relationships, marriage, or children. They want slaves to do their bidding. Period. They don’t want any actual interaction, affection or communion. They want a mute servant to do all the housework, a life-sized body-temperature jizz receptacle, and possibly a spawner of offspring, although I doubt they actually like or want children, either. In short – they want to BE Arab/Pakistani Muslims. Muslims, fyi – want children as ASSETS. These retarded and I mean retarded “White males” should just give up and give in and convert to Islam. They most likely won’t have a White woman, but most of ’em don’t really care about Race, after all. They really don’t.

        If they really cared about the White Race, and perpetuating same – they’d take the time and make the effort to learn about the things that do attract women, and retain a mate. And then DO it. But they DON’T. It’s not that difficult. It really isn’t. There are tons of examples of what attracts women. Period. The End. But the White Sharia faggots aren’t really truly interested in women at all. Or in having children. They just want to bitch and complain and feel sorry for themselves. Which is boring, useless – and repulsive.

        As far as a “meme” – Westerners are learning to truly HATE anything involving sand niggers. Oh – millions won’t admit this publicly yet – but you and I both know it. Can you feel it? White Normies want Islime and sand niggers to GO AWAY. Westerners have gotten very soft and lazy. Normies are confounded and baffled and buffaloed because “Western Leadership” sticks up FOR the dune coons, and admonishes us to be “tolerant” and “Don’t be a Racist!!!!”. “You can’t judge them all by the behavior of a few rotten apples. Most are really good people, who just want to make a better life themselves” and the new excuse is “Most Muslims are really secular. They don’t really mean it (jihad)”. Normies literally don’t know what to think, and certainly what to do. Also – most Normies don’t have the political/ideological/historical knowledge to fight against the influx of shitskinned savages. Now – in my little world – EVERY-ONE knows I’m a “NAZI”. I have the knowledge, and the desire, to SHRED any opponent. Verbally, at this point. I am not afraid of confrontations, or fighting. I enjoy it, in fact, just to see the stricken expression on the faces of my adversaries. I do have the background to refute “tolerance”. I am openly racist. I cannot be shamed by trite denunciations, an, in fact, when called “racist” – I fight BACK. I defend my positions until I shut up “the other guy”. They give up because they don’t know how to respond one the “racist” tactic doesn’t work.

        Now – getting to my main objection to the White Sharia CRAP – it’s stupid. Simply STUPID. Even if Normies remain silent and confused, they are learning the lingo of the Mohemmedan vermin. They don’t LIKE it Why would a competent White advocate use the concepts and terminology of savage, backwards, ugly mud orcs? WHY? Simply from a PR standpoint, it’s the DUNBEST THING EVER. It’s soooooooooo STOOOPID it’s an indication that it’s not the work of White Advocates at all. It’ the work of malicious, subversive, mentally ill Anti- Whites. It’s OBVIOUS.

        Maureen, in addition – your clumsy, pathetic, and grotesquely inept attempt at shaming language, in your first paragraph, is DISGUSTING. You are a rotten Marxist. That’s the type of SHIT Marxist anti-fa pull. It’s anti-Western, and Anti White. I’ve known you for years Maureen. I know you, Maureen. You’ve done excellent work in the past. If you EVER said stuff like that to me, in person – I’d slap your face off. How DARE you pull shit like that? What is influence you? KNOCK IT OFF. Some-one or something is a very bad influence.

      3. Softer Side of the Movement

        Well until this post I my self have never heard of it. So it bothered me deeply. And in all honesty if even one white woman carries this as a thought it is something that needs attention. I to am very open about my position and my beliefs. This post coming from her through me for a loop because I’ve never seen such a post from her . She has written many things I wanted to put in our news letter. Sorry such a situation had occurred but I’m happy to speak with another strong individual with in this cause they seem to be few. As time passes.

      4. Denise

        I have known Maureen for a long time. She is normally awesome – but I do not understand this thing, sticking in her craw. It’s really disturbing. I’m sorry if I am so vociferous – but when we must fight our own people to defend ourselves – it’s outrageous.

        I’ll check you out, Softer. There has been so much doxxing and betrayal occurring – I want to get a feel for you. I followed you. Thanks!

      5. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        Softer…you mention the word structure. Structure denotes some sort of organization, some sort of hierarchy.

        Many men have lost their authority, it’s true. One of the reasons for this is a police state that always sides with a woman. The men in blue work for the jew and should not have any part in interactions between a man and his wife/family. What gives them the right? Are cops FOR the White family? NO. But they have the power to cart a man off to jail on the word of his sweet little wife.

        Yes and then men hide in football etc. It’s a sad state of affairs but shrieking at these guys and calling them faggots (like some women do) isn’t going to help. Allowing them to be MEN is what will help.

      6. Softer Side of the Movement

        But another thing that men do is beat their wives which again is an example of men not doing what’s right it all goes back to the home sister. Yes men should be men as we should be woman. The police state has nothing to do with it the way men we are raised is everything to do with it. What out children see as examples is what they will try to become. Both parents should be strong and complement one another in all they do. My husband and I know what the other will say before we even say it . It has nothing to do with authority it’s is love and respect and allowing one another to move forward and taking the time to learn one another.

  3. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

    Denise, I’m trying very hard to be patient with you. You are fierce warrior for out people and I have always respected you for that BUT, can’t you make your case without being insulting?

    One of the points that I want to make is that when White women insist on acting like men (you want to slap my face off? Wow!) don’t expect them to want to “step up” and defend you or your children when/if the a serious physical race war begins. Don’t expect them to want to provide and protect shreiking fishwives. Why would they?

    Men and women have different roles. I mean this in the nicest way but I think if you had borne and raised children you would understand this better. I truly don’t mean to insult you with that last comment, it’s just a fact.

    Bringing White children into the world and raising them does not make us unequal to men. It makes us complementary. A team. Working together for the common good.

    All these men want is loyal, women to make a home and family with. They are bitter about not being able to find women that want to do this. I don’t blame them.

    1. Denise

      I want to slap your face off for attempting Marxist shaming tactics. I STATED that. And you do mean to insult me.

      These weirdos aren’t doing ANYTHING to create families and children How many kids do Anglin and Weev have. They are too lazy to make themselves attractive to women, and too cowardly to go AFTER the real source of White dispossession. They will DRIVE AWAY any potential support – thus serving the jew. I am sorry are too THICK to appreciate basic PR.

    2. Denise

      PS – They don’t want wives and families. If they DID they’d go out and make these things. But they don’t. They just want to BITCH and blame women. And if these MGTOW fags cannot even go out and form a relationship with a women – I am not going to hold my breath in their ability to fend off Dark Hordes in a Race War. HAHAHA!!!!

  4. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

    I also must address this “thanks for serving the Jew” business. Feminism is as Jewish as gefelte fish. By fighting feminism I am fighting against the jew and his schemes. Feminism causes little children to be raised by non-Whites so mommy can “do something with her life”. Feminism gives us White women who wait too long to even have children so they can have a stinking “career”. Most of these “career women” don’t even have good jobs! THAT’s RETARDED. Feminism makes men hide in their man caves away from these prozac taking, overworked, shrews.

    Feminism is a scourge on our race and I will not back down. Expect more articles in this vein, jew tool Denise.

    1. Denise

      And how are your (((MGTW))) faggots combatting feminism by blathering about (((White Sharia)))? Tell me how that appeals to women. Tell me. Spell it out.

      1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        Men are raising awareness with other MEN about the all out attack on them by Jews and their enablers. You are mistaken if you think they are trying to appeal to shrews.

        99% of White women are not loyal to their men or even their own children so many White men have stopped desiring marriage with these users.

        How will they combat feminism? They will combat feminism by refusing to play the game anymore. The game of marriage for instance, where the deck is stacked against them.

        They will combat feminism and White Genocide by achieving things in their lives such as building careers or businesses or becoming learned, well-read wise men OR whatever they decide to do. They don’t need our approval. They are men.

        Why don’t you try being less reactive, more loyal and try to understand where this White Sharia meme stems from?

        In the old days, almost every man had a wife unless he was gay or a priest. It is not so anymore. No man wants to marry a “career woman” who has slept with 10 guys before she’s 20 years old. That’s not a wife, it’s a slut.

        Sorry, not sorry.

    2. Denise

      When have White men shown loyalty to White Women? Men abandoned women for toys and shekels DECADES before the Heebs took over. Centuries, really. White men ruled the world, and threw everything away with both hands. For Sheeny Gelte……..

  5. Softer Side of the Movement

    First off until you get down in the dirt and active in this movement they way I am please do not insult me again. For one I don’t even have time to watch to much television. Second men that beat their wives and girlfriends are everywhere how I know is I’m the one out in the community helping them pick up the pieces because there man beat there ass and ran away with some dope who’re. I help replace the things that got broken or taken. I’m the one who helps them wipe the tears off there children’s faces when daddy runs off. And I’ve done it for men as well. If you can’t see the things that are destroying our folk and be honest with yourself about it your contributions are worthless. If your following the way of the alt right then your obviously blind. The alt right hate woman love homosexuals and practice race trading amongst other things. Woman do not need a dictator they need a man that respects them and love them and when that happens it is returned. Men cheat just as much as woman do and I’m unsure where exactly your getting your uneducated statistic but not 99% of woman are unfaithful. My suggestion is maybe if you actually got out from behind your computer and got involved in this movement for real then maybe you would learn something I’m not sure what has changed but your whole entire writing has changed its heart breaking. I hope you get a reality check and wake up but insulting persons who spend there days fighting for your existence isn’t a way to get people to hear you.

  6. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

    We have huge problems. White men and women are not getting together and building strong families the way the used to. Again, part of the reason for this is that men don’t want to be with slutty women and since most women have had any number of partners before they are out of their teens…it’s not very promising!

    Anybody want to address that?

    1. Softer Side of the Movement

      Ya I’ll address it , it’s called values they need to return white men and woman aren’t getting together because they weren’t taught the proper moral values. Men don’t want responsibility and woman are afraid the men won’t be faithful. Woman aren’t the only ones to blame they wouldn’t have so many partners if both genders were taught to keep there damn pants on. What do you think the partners they had as teens were something they went and rented at the local video store no it was the boys that are now complaining about there amount of partners but what did they think would happen when them and all their friends were out getting notches on there belts. Coming wake us it’s a moral issue for our folk as a whole put morals back where they belong put respect honor and loyalty there as well and things will change but no one wants to put 4that kind of work in they would rather sit back and pound on a computer bitching about it.


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