Your Family

Sometimes they drive you crazy.  That is by design.

The Frankfurt School Jews have done a very good job at brainwashing us from birth.  Only the strongest survive with their brain cells intact.

Congratulations.  If you’re reading this, you are probably among the elite Whites who question the jew narrative.  The narrative that defames us.  The narrative meant to kill us.

Your family members may not be so “lucky”.  Survival is hard wired into them and in the short term,  believing, or at least pretending to believe that Whites are the “bad guys” helps one thrive in the modern jew age. So our family members do what they (feel they) have to do.

YOUR job is to give them permission to make the occasional “racist” comment.  YOUR job is to be a “safe space” if they want to discuss a non-“PC” topic.  In some cases YOUR job is to sprinkle truth in with small talk…giving your loved ones the time they need to process new information rather than “winning” an argument.  This process may take years.  Sad but true.

Do we HAVE years to deal with the White genocide agenda?  I don’t know, but I know from experience that our family members are rarely won over by strong arm tactics or shaming.

The Yule / Christmas holiday approaches.  Get your head in the game and be as EFFECTIVE as you know how to be with your family.

Patience is a virtue.






4 thoughts on “Your Family

  1. Ryu

    Good tip.

    I usually do not actively seek out recruits; I let them try to recruit me. When one has much experience, they are the ones needing help. Someone reading this side is probably top 5% of racists in Murka.

    It would be nice if there was a way to wake someone up in a night. Doesn’t seem to work that way. It takes YEARS. And a good WN takes at least 5 years. Most won’t reach that level.

      1. Ryu

        That is an excellent starting point. ¥ou’ll just have to make sure he’s not crazy 🙂

        It’s good for a WN to be just a little bit normal. Not out on Mars.

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