No One Cares About jews

hitler selfie 2

Indonesian Kids have a great time posing with make-believe Hitler at a selfie museum.

The usual Rat-faces denounce and denounce and denounce.

We all laugh.

No one actually cares about the fairy tale that 6 garillion jews were lampshaded, gassed and soaped.

I saw a propaganda movie when I was in 4th grade,  4TH GRADE! where supposed jew corpses were being bulldozed into a mass grave.  It was a horrible thing for a young, lovingly sheltered child to see!  These rats traumatized me into believing their lies when I was just 9 years old.  What scumbags, lying to children!

But brainwashing wears off and when it does, people are furious at being traumatized and lied to as children.  They want revenge.

We laugh now but the day will come when we will not be laughing anymore.

In the meantime we’ll enjoy seeing jews being frightened by the gathering dark hordes.  It won’t be long before even the 85 IQ point crowd will understand that Whitey isn’t the cause of all their problems.  And maybe this time we’ll have a REAL and effective jewish genocide.


4 thoughts on “No One Cares About jews

  1. Denise

    My dear – jews are fearsome. They are ruthless, depraved, and merciless. They will NOT cede the power they’ve acquired gracefully, nor will they go away quietly. They will try to kill everything in their path to hold onto their power. Just keep that in mind……..

      1. Denise

        No! Not at all. Just understand that this is a fight to the end. We MUST be prepared. They are not going to be voted away or laughed away. We must be ready for anything and everything.

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