Beautiful Ally


Alisa Norris Brave and Beautiful Aryan Princess

Cheers to Alisa Norris who when confronted by her cosplay community about being at the Unite the Right rally with her husband, (a White Nationalist named Jonathan Norris) wavered a little (it’s really scary facing anti-White hate) but said,

“‘Blood and soil’ and ‘you will not replace us’ are about white countries having their populations replaced with mass immigration. It’s wrong what is happening to France, Germany, England, etc. They deserve to exist in their own countries and not be over run and taken over.”

She’s not only gorgeous but smart too.  Thank you for standing up for what’s right Alisa. We are proud to have you with us.

PS.  When I titled this post Beautiful Ally I was not making a nickname out of Alisa’s name.  I was using the word ally meaning supporter.  I just thought I should mention that.


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