Conversation With A Latina

I had occasion to concern troll a Mexican female in real life recently.  Concern trolling is when you pretend to care about someone’s plight but you’re really just messing with them and getting info from them. Thanks MW for encouraging me to gather intel on our enemies.  It’s awesome!

Here’s what I found out about this family.  This woman was brought to the United States illegally by her mother.  I asked why they came.  I asked, “were you very poor there?”  She said they weren’t poor.  They owned a home and their mother (not sure where the dads are in all this!) had a small but successful business.  She just wanted MORE for her children.  The woman I was speaking to has remonstrated with her mother many times over this, asking, “Why did you bring us here?”

And I thought the reason all these Mestizos came here was because there was so much suffering and poverty in Mexico.  Ha!

Although this woman wishes her mother had never brought her and her siblings here, she wants to stay now because everyone she knows is here.  She and her friends are very worried about being sent back to Mexico.  When asked, she said she knows people personally who have been sent back!  So it IS happening.  Mexicans are being deported.

This woman has 5 children, one of whom, a 24 year old, she says, is very lazy, preferring to smoke pot all day than to work.  The children span in age from 5 to 24.  I asked this woman in my caring way,  what she did to support 5 children and she said, she used to clean houses, she used to clean windows, she used to work in retail etc.  Interesting choice of words, “used to”.  Obviously she is not working now or she would have told me.  She and her 5 children are supported by YOU the taxpayer.  Isn’t that great?  I guess some Mexicans really DO have a better way of life in the United States.  You get to sit at home while other people pay the bills.  Cool! Oh and go to the gym.  That’s where I met her.  So poverty stricken she is, poor dear.

I can only hope that Trump makes good on his promises and gets rid of these leeches.  And if you are a liberal reading this, open your damn eyes.






4 thoughts on “Conversation With A Latina

  1. unhingedcosmicedgelord

    Liberals and conservatives have really trapped themselves in a bubble with all the world’s problems. Multiculturalism has made politics meaningless just like the old guy at Walmart that says a stock phrase as you enter and exit the beast “Have a nice day and thanks for shopping at Walmart.” The media and politicians talk about “dreamers”. The politicians and corporations are the real dreamers. They dream of another beaner voting block and the corporations dream of more consumers for their bottom line.

  2. Ryu

    You should have asked how to get some good benefits, like she gets. That would be valuable info. I don’t want to work either!


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