The Daily Stormer Is Still Up

Yes I still follow the Daily Stormer.  I also like Stormfront.

Just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it has no use. On the other hand I don’t read Breitbart unless a white nationalist site refers me to an article or something. I don’t read the Drudge Report regularly. I get all the news I need from sites that appear to be for us white people and written by white people. Breitbart, Drudge and so many other sites are run by Jews openly. That’s always suspect.

The fact that these two sites have been shut down while many others have been able to continue on makes it pretty clear to me that they are not run by Jews as controlled opposition. I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before but I’m pretty sure I’m right about this.

Our adversaries consider the Daily Stormer and Stormfront dangerous enough to take down in spite of the backlash they (Google Etc.) are going to get. That’s good enough for me.

Do I need to read the news everyday? Probably not but I like to keep my hate alive. Sometimes I get caught up in work and I forget to hate. It’s very important that I don’t forget.

Here’s the link. I guess it is somehow connected to the dark web but I don’t have anything downloaded so the media is lying when they say you can only get to the Daily Stormer through the dark web.. Surprise surprise. The media lies.






5 thoughts on “The Daily Stormer Is Still Up

  1. unhingedcosmicedgelord

    Antifa is right about one thing. Once you’re into this stuff there is practically no turnover. How do you return to Normiehood? Of course antifa say it like this, “once a Nazi, always a Nazi”. Daily Stormer is like having a daily TIME or NEWSWEEK for traditional nationalists. No going back.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      You’re welcome. My only problem with the Daily Stormer is I have been banned twice for pointing out that weev is a Jew. I understand that he is kept around for his expertise but surely there must be someone else. Someone White.


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