The Daily Stormer Shut Down

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Daily Stormer website.  I for one would miss it if it was permanently gone.  I haven’t figured out how to get on the “Dark Web” yet but I guess that’s the next thing I need to do.

Even if you don’t like the Daily Stormer, its loss is not something you should wish for.  Hundreds of thousands of like-minded folk went there for news and information.  Yes, some of the articles may have been over the top but Anglin and crew also introduced young people (and others) to the likes of William Pierce and Kevin MacDonald.  That can’t be a bad thing.

Another matter is that this shuttening, whether permanent or not, creates a vacuum.  If you’re a good writer, WRITE!  Write like you’ve never written before.  The Stormers need a place to go to get their news.  We need to stay connected as long as we can too.  I don’t know how much longer we have.

If you are an outsider, know this.  We are not going to stop until we have a homeland.  If you hunt us down like dogs and drive us underground you will only make us more dangerous.  Dylann Roof struck out because he didn’t know he could meet up with people and blow off steam.  If you won’t let angry White men meet, even online, you are only creating more Dylann Roofs.  I’m not threatening you.  This is is just the logical outcome of not allowing freedom loving Americans to even speak to each other.

Most of us would prefer to reach our goal of a homeland (NO, probably not the entire United States, I’d settle for a small neighborhood at this point) without bloodshed but it is YOU who shut down our free speech so you only have yourself to blame if things get violent.


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