A White Nationalist Woman Talks About White Sharia

strongman 1

Strongman Mariusz Pudzianowki AKA Dominator

I’m writing this piece even though it’s probably going to make my women friends mad.  And although I’m probably virtue signalling (a bit) to the up and coming leaders of the United States, the Nazis/Alt Right/White Nationalists, most of them probably won’t care as I am not of childbearing age any more.  I’m hoping to be a grandmother soon.  That’s my focus.

Still, in spite of all that, I want to go on record as saying that White Sharia would be a very good thing in the long run for our race.  Now the fact that it’s call White Sharia is meant to get attention.  Cuz seriously I doubt  most of our men could ever be as vicious as the Muslims with their female genital mutilation and brutal beatings of their wives.  Still, I am in favor of White men having control, while loving and providing for their female relatives and their own children.

At this point, the Jew controlled police and social services can interfere in a household where a man simply wants to lay down rules for his family and to enforce them.  Kids and wives often run amok.  Husband gets upset and first thing you know, he’s demonized and possibly jailed for domestic violence.  It’s not right.  It’s JUST what our enemy the Jew wants.  Broken homes where White children are unsupervised by their single mother and fall prey to pedophiles and horrible decisions (unplanned pregnancy, drug or alcohol addiction, laziness etc).

Many men of my acquaintance would like to make a no television rule, for instance.  Something that simple is almost unheard of in the United States.  Wives will not tolerate it.  They must have their Talmudvsion.  It’s a disgrace.   Men are not even allowed to make the most simple decisions for their family.  All must defer to the almighty woman.  The woman, who says things like, “I don’t know what I want but I want it now!”.

I’m a woman.  I know what women are like.  We’re silly sometimes.  We need strong fathers who can help us grow up then marry a good man and we need strong husbands to give us guidance and companionship.

I know what women are like.  We’re total bitches sometimes.  If this sort of thing is allowed to run its course, it can destroy everything.  A strong man will say ENOUGH and a smart woman will acquiesce and peace will be restored in the home.  The way it works now, wifey is allowed to rant and rave and pretty soon there’s a divorce.  Or maybe the man stands down and is miserable.  How sad.  Perhaps the children aren’t home much as it’s happier elsewhere.  How sad.  The Jew rubs his hands with glee.

Structure and disciple make for freedom.  Our people had a hierarchical system for hundreds, no, thousands of years and it’s the foundation of our civilization.   Why wouldn’t it work in our homes?

If we allow our men to be men, they will grow strong enough to throw off the yoke of the Jew Beast and get us the homeland we NEED for our families.

That’s what I want.





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