Sick of Street Poopers in Kansas

I guess this guy doesn’t like street poopers in his base.

But seriously, with Mexicans and other “hispanics” taking all the slave labor jobs and Indians and Asians getting the STEM jobs, why wouldn’t White people feel confused, frustrated and angry enough to start shooting?

On an somewhat related matter, in case you are new to this site, I always recommend self employment to White Nationalists. It’s hard to get a person fired for their viewpoints if they work for themselves. I know people can’t just quit their jobs but try getting a side gig going (everyone should have a side business for the tax benefits alone!) and maybe eventually you can turn it into a full time thing.

I also recommend you don’t use your real name when you post online or speak out about race. Some will disagree with me but we have to eat and keep a roof over head right? It’s not cowardly to survive and even thrive. Without money it’s difficult to stay healthy and wealthy enough to do any good. Stuff costs money. We have to have it and we have to protect our ability to obtain it.

I appreciate those that are on Team White that use their real names. I’d love to know how you manage to keep money coming in. I’m open to ideas.

Anyways, killing non-Whites is not something everyone will or even should do BUT I actually don’t know how it doesn’t happen more often.

Still you can work toward White Survival in other ways such as having White children and raising them to be racially aware, educated etc., getting involved in local politics, building profitable businesses etc.

What we DON’T have time for is drug (including pharmaceuticals) or alcohol abuse, smoking cigarettes,overeating and other death inducing habits.

Let’s get busy LIVING and taking our world back!


5 thoughts on “Sick of Street Poopers in Kansas

  1. Aodh Mor MacRaynall

    Maureen, I love coming here for your quiet calm encouragement. Your exhortation to overcome the most basic forms of degeneracy are well-worded. Thanks


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