Why Whites Stay In Southern California

I’m writing this in response to White Nationalists who say California is a lost cause and can’t understand why some of us insist on staying here.  I have even heard some write (on the internet, Jews maybe?) things such as, California should be obliterated.  You do realize that as of 2010 there were over 15 million Whites (not hispanic) living in California right?  There must be at least 10 million left.

I titled this thread “Why Whites Stay In Southern California” because I’m told that Northern California is very different…almost like a different country so I don’t feel like I can speak for Northern Californians.

First (but not most important) we stay for jobs, wealth and business opportunities.  Anywhere there’s a hub of activity, there’s a chance we will be able to support ourselves and possibly a family.  Living in close proximity to wealth can be advantageous in terms of business opportunities as wealthy people hire out A LOT of things they need such as cleaning, childcare, cooking and so on.  At the present time we don’t need to do it for slave wages either.  In fact, many wealthy people LIKE to pay top dollar because in their mind, it means the service is the best.  (a funny blind spot we should exploit…yes exploit.  The rich, as a group don’t mind exploiting us.  Let’s not let our honor keep us from surviving and even thriving.  Honor is reserved for OUR people anyway.  We don’t have to honor our enemies.  If we can’t kill them, the least we can do is exploit them).

Another good thing about living near well-to-do people is that they throw away scads of good stuff.  We give new meaning to the phrase shabby-chic wearing their barely worn designer clothes and decorating our homes with their gently worn furniture.  Some of the stuff we salvage is actually from the estates of dead wealthy people.  AND we White people appreciate these vintage (historic) finds while the Mexicans pass it by for modern junk.  Some Whites have built solid businesses out of re-selling these classic items.

Second, the weather is fantastic.  For those that like nature, Southern California provides endless delight (the flowers that can be grown here year-round are amazing!) and the weather is good almost all the time so we can enjoy it.  For those interested in outdoor fitness and sports, Southern California is one of the best places in the world to be.

Third, our family is here.  They may not be awake but we still love them.  We want to see our nieces, nephews, grandsons, granddaughters etc. grow up and our elders grow old.  Now THAT’S honorable*.

Finally, we’re stubborn and dare I say it (?), brave.  We’ve built a life here and some of us even still live in predominantly White neighborhoods.  Many of us ran here from another state for one reason or another and we are tired of running.  We are proud of what we have built here in spite of sometimes incredible odds.  We love finding creative ways to prosper in a rather hostile world.  We’ve learned to adapt to difficulties and to forge our own informal White social groups-we have friends we care about.

I hope this helps people understand why even in a place that grows steadily more brown and jew (ie. decadent), some of us are standing our ground.

*One caveat.  If you have White children you must not let them attend public school or watch Jew entertainment such as that which is found on television, in movie theaters, in magazines, most modern books and even on the internet.  I can almost guarantee your children will be ruined if you allow this.  The Jew entices children away from their parents so they can use them, abuse them, then throw them on a trash heap.  Take heed.




6 thoughts on “Why Whites Stay In Southern California

  1. Softer Side of the Movement

    I agree it is very beautiful here I used to love it and brave is defiantly a good word for those of us who are here. As to the rest Please tell me where it is you have found such luck We struggle to survive here when we come together we usually stand very few. Yes there are tons of white people here but the majority of them hate what the are and are ashamed of the culture of the white race it’s very sad to see more whites screaming black lives matter and open the borders than of the other race. This state wants us to not have the ability to protect our homes and our families. I’m a certified hemodialysis tech who had to find another career because I couldn’t get hired because I can’t speak Spanish. All that training and passed over for the job of saving lives because I couldn’t speak a foreign language. Sure their are some small very small white dominated neighborhood but not so much. Drugs have over run many communities along with gangs and crime. People don’t wanna pay top dollar when they can hire a Hispanic that will take less. My husband is a top level craftsman and can’t find work any where and when he does he isn’t paid nearly what he should be. Everyday is a struggle in this state. So my hats off to you if you have found a supportive white base here but you are a rarity. California needs to be over hauled not obliterated but whites here don’t wanna fight they would rather bow and give in and turn on there own.


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