Revenge of the Jews

We are getting nothing we wanted from Trump.  Whether he has Caananite/Jew blood running through his veins or not doesn’t matter.  Whether he was sincere in his campaign promises but has been threatened/tricked/blackmailed by Jews or not doesn’t matter.

The Jews are getting their revenge on Whites for voting for Trump enmass, by making sure we don’t get ONE thing we wanted from Pres. Trump.

There’s only one solution.


3 thoughts on “Revenge of the Jews

  1. Ryu

    That’s for damn sure. He hasn’t done anything, but piss off the elites briefly last November. Other than that, business as usual.

  2. clytemnestra57

    I don’t think Trump meant to double-cross us, Maureen. I just agree with Howard Stern that Trump’s Achilles Heel is his need to be liked. He’s been trying to get into the inner circle of the political elite (like Mitch Romney) for years, but they have always dismissed him.

    He believed that if he won the presidency, he would finally get some respect, especially if he got the vote of all these disaffected Whites out there. I don’t think even he got how Anti-White the elite are. The True “Rent A UHaul” Conservative Republiscum sure bared their fangs and spread some venom when it looked like White Working Class Republicans would vote for Trump.

    For better or worse, they have always despised Trump, because he comes off like a man of the people. They sense that in him. He’s trying to make nice right now, but he’s going to figure out that they want to make it impossible for him to keep the promises that matter to the WWC so that the WWC will stay home 2018 and Democrats will replace even the Republicucks who refuse to work ith him. They plan to impeach him in 2019.

    Trump better figure that out. He needs us even more than we need him. Even if he bows out in 2020, his businesses are going to pay a steep price. His enemies will see to it. They will want to make an example of him to anyone with populist leanings. Trump may be vain and impulsive and wanting to be liked by the wrong people, but he’s no fool.

    In the meantime, we keep the pressure on. We talk to all these conservative radio shows encouraging him to go to war and cut taxes and mess up healthcare even further and put the pressure on. I was listening to the Sean Hannity Show and this very nice older lady asked if Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall needed private funding from his supporters. She offered to set up a gofundme page, LOL. It was funny as hell.

    But it’s only been one hundred days and the Trump Derangement Syndrome is so high in the left that they can’t help but gloat loudly and trumpet any and all failures to keep his promises to those who voted for him. I don’t think he’s going to live with that situation for long. Hang in there.


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