Racism Is Allowed Now.

This Jew, from The Zionist Organization of America says so.


Morty Klein, SuperJew

He says it’s okay to say that Africans are better dancers than everyone else because that’s a positive thing to say.

It’s also ok to say that Asians are smarter than others and Jews are the best business people.  “Strangely” enough, he didn’t throw in any Whites are best at….  lines.  I wonder why…..?

That’s okay.  I’m a positive person.  Let’s talk about things Yids are good at….since we’ve been given permission now.

I’ll get the ball rolling…

Jews are very good whiners, lawyers, advocates.  They have perfected whining to a high art form using it to destroy their enemies and silence all dissent.  They’ve taught their racial cousins, the Africans to do it too.

Jews are amazingly flexible in their thinking.  Some call it shape shifting.  One minute they are White, saying that Whites need to genocide themselves, and next thing you know, they’re jewish again and cannot be accused of well…anything because muh holocaust.  Houdini had nothing on these Jews.  Oh wait, turns out Houdini was Jew too.

Jews are so wild and free, not stodgy like White people.  Look at how they’ve got nearly everyone using porn for entertainment!  “You don’t need a real human being goyim.  You only need 10 minutes (or 10 hours, but who’s counting?) to get your “needs” taken care of.  Oh what?  You’re bored already.?..that’s ok.  We have every perversity under the sun on film to keep you satisfied.  Forget about having a family or doing grownup stuff like running a business.  That’s for nerds.  Just hang out in your bedroom with your laptop dudes.  We jews will handle your women…and the planet for ya.”

Please share more Hebrew talents in the comments below.  It’s super fun!


5 thoughts on “Racism Is Allowed Now.

  1. Ryu

    There’s some good memes out there now.


    That’s for when you look behind the scenes, you always find a jew.

  2. not anonymous


    And that’s a powerful paragraph on porn.

    Also, I see by an earlier article that you have awakened to the Trump Deception. Very good.

    The jews are not Whites. Most jews in the USA (and every White-founded White-built country) are pretending to be Whites. We don’t wait for crypto-jews to out themselves (which they almosst never do), nor do we wait for known jews to out their own crypto-jews (which they almost never do). We add up the evidence and identify them as jews. WE decide. WE identify the enemy. And WE urge the solution.

    Trump is an enemy jew.



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