More Names for Easy Activism

Hi,  I’m hoping a few people will pitch in with this project to help bring the Washington Post down (and maybe the New York Times as well).  When their big corporate advertisers realize they’ve been lied to about how many people are actually reading these lying media sources and how many are NOT, perhaps they will cancel their advertising, curtail it or ask for better pricing!  Either way, the lying press loses.  I can’t do this alone though.  I’ll need your help.

Here are a few more names to try to reach on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any way you can think of

San Francisco Law School-I found out they are part of Alliant School System

Chris Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at WordPress

United States Mint  is a government agency…cannot find anyone

Naomi Pesky, Vice President of External Relations, Pantages Theater

Julie Loeger, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Discover

Tomorrow I’m going to look for twitter handles for these folks and also for the names I posted yesterday.  (Unless some elves help me out, while I’m sleeping)



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