Some Names for Easy Activism

Yesterday I described how we can put some financial pressure on the New York Times and the Washington Post because they have been screwing the corporations that have been advertising with them.  Ya see, they don’t have nearly as many readers as they pretend to.  They have been using Chinese bots to make it appear that they are a more popular site than they are.

I wanted to pass along a few names (hopefully correct) that we can try reaching out to.

Unless you are already doing a lot of activism already, PLEASE do this, even if you don’t like the Daily Stormer (who called attention to this) or if you think the corporations are getting what they deserve.  I GET IT but this is about taking down the lying press.  We are going to finish off these filthy jew rags-death by a thousand cuts!

I’m sorry that this info is going to be spread out over a few days because quite frankly I have to work a lot of hours to make a living and save a little bit for the future.

Okay, here are a few to get you started.  If we can’t get the name of the Marketing Officer, I guess it may also work to just get in touch with the CEO.  These people are pretty accessible on social media sometimes.  Or we can just tell anyone at all at the company that we think can get word to the appropriate person.

Paul Richards, Vice President of Marketing, Chevrolet

Tom Peyton, Vice President of National Marketing Operations

Capital One – Can’t find!  Can someone help?

Andy Vaughn – President and CEO of Alliant International University

Andrea Riley – Chief Marketing Officer, Ally Bank

If anyone has time today, could you try to get the names of the other VPs of Marketing (or the equivalent) that I mentioned in yesterday’s article?

Then perhaps we can get addresses, phone numbers, twitter handles etc.

Be a part of this!  Think what fun it will be to help take these jews down!  If each of us put in a half hour a day on this…in a few days, we’d do a lot of damage!




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