Easy Activism

Remember when we reported that mainstream media websites seem to be using Chinese bots to fake their visitor counts and scam their advertisers out of money, while pretending that they’re not failing?

Well, instead of coming out and apologizing for their fraud, or at least offering a plausible explanation for why they’re getting up to half of their traffic from China, it seems they’ve opted to just cover up their crimes.

Read more here—then come back to Aryan Street.

It appears that the Washington Post and the New York Times have been using Chinese bots to make it appear that their online readership is much larger than it actually is.

If you hate these rags as much as I do perhaps you could use your twitter or facebook account to let the companies that pay big bucks to advertise with them know about it.

You need a subscription to get onto the NYT site.  Anyone have a subscription?

A quick perusal of WaPo shows some big names.  Chevrolet.  Honda. Capital One. Alliant University. Ally Bank.  San Francisco Law School.  Wordpress. United States Mint.  Pantages Theater.  Discover.  You may find others since advertising is now personalized toward your interests.

I’m sure these companies are paying a FORTUNE to advertise with these almost defunct publications.  Maybe they should stop doing that or at the very least, get a lower price since bots don’t buy cars, go to college or attend theater. (as far as we know)

Let’s get word to them, either online or by phone or letter.  Questions?  Just ask and I will try to answer.



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