Shia LaBeouf Provides Platform for Nazis


The washed up (((Shia LaBeouf))) made a colossal failure of his so-called art project called, “He will not divide us”.  “He” meaning Trump of course who’s name somehow has become synonymous with Naziism, regardless of having jew grandchildren and mostly jew associates.  Ah well the truth isn’t important to these haters.

LaBeouf got himself arrested and the human discard that shows up from the left just embarrasses themselves with their zombie-like chanting of “he will not divide us”.

I do so love jewish angst so seeing Pro-White guys (even if a couple look kind of jewy) showing up to the event day after day is really cool.  This shirtless milk drinking scene is silly fun.  

This video is even better with the new “You Will Not Replace Us” phrase being chanted by MEN and the left wing drones actually admired the guys!  LOL.



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