Some current news for y’all.  I’m just linking.  Don’t kill the messenger!

George Lopez makes joke about blacks during his show.  Has Negress who protested forcibly removed

Georgia man with apparent connections to Church of the Creator arrested for having poison.

Man runs over a negro in South Africa.  A few years ago he and a friend threw a negro into a lion pit.

Pro-White fliers found on faculty doors at Indiana University

Pro-White fliers found at University of Kentucky

Pro-White fliers found on driveways in Connecticut

Pro-White poster found on Georgia campus

“Racist” emails with spoofed headers sent to email groups at the University of Michigan

Wanna get into a flame war?







And hysterical footage below where BLM calls Justin Trudeau (who LOVES non-White immigration) a White Supremacist!  Seriously though….are haters aren’t anti-racists.  They are simply anti-White.  The plan in to get rid of ALL Whites….even those that have been good to them.  It’s insane.


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