Oops-Rothschild Info In German Textbook!

imageedit_34_3929015625    A political textbook published in Germany featured the Euro as a Pacman mouth superimposed with the words “Rothschild Bank.” I cannot find a copy of this original illustration online so the above is my inadequate interpretation.  One of these days I will learn to use Lunapic better. (it’s like a free online photoshop).

Anyway, some jews are upset because they believe the idea of the Rothschild banking family controlling the world is “a classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that the Nazis made good use of.”

Well maybe Amschel Rothschild shouldn’t have boasted, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” if he didn’t want people to suspect his family was trying to control the money supply.

The book publisher, Klett-Verlag acknowledged Thursday that the illustration was a “serious” mistake, and said that all further deliveries of the textbook would be halted.  The illustration is credited to David Dees, whose art invokes Holocaust denial, and features former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon standing in a pool of American soldiers’ blood.


It’s too late.  THE GOYIM KNOW.

Original article.


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