Jews and Libs Taunt and Jump Mentally Ill White Man


For THREE hours. (video in second article at the bottom)  Then a couple of them committed a felony against him.  And got caught.

It is alleged that he showed up at the University of Florida wearing a jacket with a swaztika on it.  He gave the Roman salute to a jew.  Big deal.  About a hundred fifty people gathered round and persecuted him for three hours.  What productive, liberal, “progressive” person has time to make fun of a mentally ill man for three hours?

Later after he was escorted off the campus, two thugs named Daniel Joseph Schexnaydre and Alex William Flinchum ripped his jacket off him and left the scene.  Both are charged with the felonies of strong-arm robbery and conspiracy.  Schexnaydre also faces a felony charge of tampering with evidence.

Interestingly, UF President Kent Fuchs said in an email to the “students”, that while he would denounce all “such symbols of hate” as the swastika, he did not believe the man could be forced off campus, as many suggested.

“The individual, who is not a faculty, staff member or student, was expressing his First Amendment rights and we could not legally remove him from public areas of campus,”

I have found out that the name of the “mentally ill” hero is Michael Dewitz.   If he’s what crazy looks and acts like these days, sign me up for insanity.


Article with video


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