Pro-White “Racist” Posters at Santa Clara University


Identity Europa “Racist” Poster

Good news!  Posters and flyers were left in the Ethnic Studies, Women and Gender Studies department and in a building that houses engineering offices and classrooms.

Many of the posters and flyers contain pictures of greek statues and phrases such as “protect your heritage” and “protect your future.” Among other slogans, the flyers also boast the group’s name, Identity Evropa, at the bottom.

These groups are meant for our eradication. Let alone they don’t want us to be on campus—they don’t want us to exist,” said Isaac Nieblas

Good call Isaac.  Just as your people have been trying to crowd us out of our own country in the hopes that WE won’t exist.  And don’t think we haven’t noticed that when your people get positions of authority at companies and businesses that you don’t hire White guys.

Ishizaki-Brown (Jew?) a senior student at the university said she hasn’t noticed people at Santa Clara harboring white supremacist viewpoints, but that there is tolerance for white supremacy on campus. She said people are more willing to listen to the opinions of white supremacists and give them a chance—something she called “dangerous.”

I call it awesome!

Good job Identity Evropa-an American based identitarian organization dedicated to promoting the interests of People of European Heritage.

Since we have a decent president right now, this would probably be a good time to try establishing White Student Unions and other White advocacy groups again.


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