This Guy….Plus a fun game!

Mike Delaney sums up most of my feels about finding out that some jew on TRS has a jew wife lol.  (Except he cares whether the jews have offspring or not.  That’s confusing)

I’m not super familiar with MIke Delaney but I guess he’s had a lot of Pro-White websites, he shows his real face (super brave although I don’t advise it-Mike says he has lost some good jobs because of his beliefs) and has 6 White children with his White wife!

This is the kind of guy that gets my ear, not these jews who put on a hell of a show (I guess) but are phonies!  For starters, they deny that the jews did 9-11.

So I’m going to listen to this guy and people like him that I know are White….even if their shows aren’t perfect because they have to WORK for a living.

Hat’s off to you Mr. Delaney

(Incidentally my comment account at The Daily Stormer is suspended until November 1, 2290 because I called out weev as a jew.  Here’s a little fun game.  Which guy is weev and which guy is Alan Ginsberg?)










7 thoughts on “This Guy….Plus a fun game!

  1. israebest

    The fact that there are some Goyim (Goy means People, Nations and modern slang refers to Gentiles, yet the Jewish people is also a Goy, Chosen Goy) that are similar to Jews is evidence that many Jews over the last 2000 years were assimilated into the white peoples of Europe, whether voluntary or by coercion. Almost no reverse process, had been detected, but only a few Gentile people converted to Judaism.

    So the hatred of Jews motif is mostly a white mental illness. The only healing from that disease is rationality and fairness, without giving up to disorder psychosis feelings.
    You sure need a cure.

      1. israebest

        You are absolutely right. The poor white man genetic limits and hurt his health and intellectual abilities (if he has any). The proof: the racist stench can be seen also on this site.

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