I’m Going Straight Edge

I’ve decided to get serious about my health and my habits.

I’d taken to eating and drinking too much and it scares me how the monster of habit and perhaps addiction can grow and grow.  I also don’t exercise like I should which is strange because I was a very active person when I was younger.

So, I’ve given up alcohol completely, I’m cleaning up my diet and exercise is a top priority now.  I only have one body and one mind.  I need them operating as well as possible.

I’m writing this on my blog, not to brag, but for accountability.  It’s actually quite humbling to admit one’s bad habits are getting out of control.  It’s not how I want people to see me.  But truth is truth.  I hope my outing myself to my small, loyal group of followers will help anyone else who is struggling too.

I can’t be a noble Aryan if I am hiding behind food and alcohol.  Comments welcome!



8 thoughts on “I’m Going Straight Edge

  1. karl

    If you exercise alot, then you also have to eat alot. I swim regularly pretty hard, and it burns many calories. Not eating enough can be just as bad for you as eating too much. If you work extremely hard, then you should be eating as much as you need in order to restore the energy that you burned.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Hi Karl, I can tell I’m eating too much because. …I’m not exactly slender! Everyone is different and we have to adjust to our reality. I’m older and my thyroid is broken so I have to be pretty careful…and I haven’t been.

      And the drinking. It’s just amazing how I went from a once a week, couple of drinks drinker…if that much, to drinking…much more. It happened fast and I need to get a handle on it.

      1. Ryu

        Kelp may help your thyroid Maureen. Many murkans don’t take in enough iodine. It is available in a tablet form and is quite inexpensive, like 10 bucks a bottle.

  2. Aodh Mor MacRaynall

    Easiest thing in the world to get caught up in a degenerate lifestyle. The thing is when we live in a degenerate society, we can’t see it. It doesn’t feel degenerate; it doesn’t look degenerate. Sometimes we only come face to face with it when we have serious health issues. Some people don’t even recognize it as degeneracy then. Even though I was fairly active, I was still overweight and sickly. It truly does take a change of life to get healthy again, not just a change of habits. And it is an ongoing process. To see it as it truly is, degeneracy, helps me overcome my bad habits day by day. I am not perfect with this but, oh so much better than before.

  3. yespasaran

    I’m glad to hear it! Straight edge really is the best lifestyle choice. Sober, healthy & disciplined is the way to go; we can’t save our race without first saving ourselves. Radical self improvement is a necessary step for everyone in our struggle.


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